Benefits of using an Approved Certifier - homeowners

Legal Responsibility

Building owners are legally responsible for ensuring that all work done to their property complies with the building regulations. If the work doesn't comply it will not meet the legal requirements and could even be dangerous. In such circumstances the local authority could refuse to accept a completion certificate, which would prevent occupation of a building. It might also require that you put it right at your own expense. In addition, you could face problems and additional expense when you come to sell your house if any home improvement work you have had done does not meet the building standards.

How to avoid this happening

Most people lack the necessary knowledge to ensure that work done to their property complies with building standards and rely on a building professional to do this on their behalf. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the building professionals you engage are trained, qualified and have a good understanding of the building regulations. One way of doing this is to use an Approved Certifier.

How to find an Approved Certifier

The Certification Register held by the Scottish Government Building Standards Division is a comprehensive list of all Approved Certifiers in Scotland. You can visit the Certification Register on the BSD website to find an Approved Certifier in your area who can carry out your work.

The Scottish government has also developed a website which aims to help homeowners who are getting any building work done. The Customer Journey explains the building standards system to anyone making home improvements or starting building work.

The journey is split into five key areas, with two supplementary annexes of supporting material:

  • introduction to the Scottish Building Standards system
  • main stages of the building warrant process
  • role of approved certifiers of design
  • role of approved certifiers of construction
  • role of local authority verifiers
  • annex A, helpful information
  • annex B, links to additional information and glossary

The site explains the roles and responsibilities of the home owner in relation to the building standards process, and outlines where people intending to carry out building work can seek guidance and help.

Benefits of using an Approved Certifier

Having an Approved certifier undertake the work will benefit you in the following ways:


  • It will assist you in meeting your legal requirement of ensuring that work done to your building complies with building standards;
  • Work covered by a certificate issued by an Approved Certifier requires no further checking by the local authority verifier. This saves time and speeds up the processing of building warrant applications and acceptance of completion certificates, allowing you to undertake the work and occupy the premises without delay;
  • There is a financial benefit to you in the form of a discount on the warrant fee when a Certifier is used;
  • Your work will be checked and signed off by an Approved Certifier. You will receive a high quality service from an approved reputable company; and
  • In the unlikely event that problems arise you will have access to a robust independent complaints procedure run by the appropriate scheme provider.