Benefits of using an approved certifier - housebuilders and developers

Scheme Providers are committed to monitoring continuing professional development and providing training of the highest quality to ensure that the technical knowledge and professional expertise of their members keeps apace with developments.

Certification receives the active support of local authority verifiers as they can be assured that the work being certified has been done by qualified building professionals and meets the relevant building standards. This removes the need for them to check or inspect this work resulting in speedier processing of building warrants or acceptance of completion certificates and so less disruption on site.

Benefits to you

Employing Approved Certifiers of Design and Approved Certifiers of Construction to establish compliance with the building regulations can benefit your business in several ways: 

  • Use of an Approved Certifier demonstrates commitment to quality and high standards in building design and construction and helps develop respect and trust between clients and building professionals;
  • Certification Schemes demand a high level of skill, qualifications and experience of building professionals, giving assurance to potential buyers and verifiers that work has been checked and signed off by qualified experts;
  • This will help reduce the volume and cost of defective or incomplete work;
  • Improved reputation for quality based on a government approved scheme;
  • Work covered by a certificate of design or construction requires no further checking by the verifier so building warrant applications will be processed much quicker resulting in a quicker start on site;
  • Similarly, acceptance of completion certificates will be processed much quicker speeding up the handover of the house to the buyer, saving both time and money;
  • An Approved Certifier will provide greater flexibility and more efficient designs and installations due to their up to date expert knowledge of new technologies;
  • There is a financial benefit to be gained with a discount being given on the warrant fee when certificates of design or confirmation that a certifier of construction will be used are submitted to verifiers.