Certification of Construction (Drainage, Heating & Plumbing)


Scottish Building Standards legislation, allows for the appointment of Approved Certifiers of Design and Approved Certifiers of Construction. Properly qualified plumbers and heating engineers can become Certifiers and have the authority to certify work.

SNIPEF has been appointed by the Scottish Ministers to run the above scheme which allows individuals (Approved Certifiers of Construction) to certify drainage, heating and plumbing work which is subject to a Building regulations. The Approved Certifier must be employed by a business (Approved Body) who is either a member of the plumbing industry licensing scheme (which is operated by SNIPEF) or who meets the Licensing scheme criteria.

Organisations that wish to register as an Approved Body must employ at least one Approved Certifier of Construction and meet the membership criteria in the Scheme Guide. The annual registration fee is £475 plus VAT but this is waived for SNIPEF members.

Only Approved Bodies are able to purchase, issue and manage certificates through the certification area of the SBSC website. Certificates are priced at £5 plus VAT and can only be purchased in blocks of five. Certificates are ordered, printed and managed from within the secure area of the website. A certification checklist, to support completed certificates, can also be completed and printed from the website. There is an annual certifier fee of £75 plus VAT for SNIPEF members and £112.50 plus VAT for non-members.

Sole practitioners must apply as both an individual and a body using two application forms. The fees are the same as for bodies and individuals at £475 plus VAT per annum for bodies (waived for SNIPEF members)

To maintain registration, both Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers of Construction must pay the annual registration fees and continue to meet the detailed criteria of the Scheme Guide.

Approved Bodies will be audited by SNIPEF on a risk assessment based frequency and at least once every three years. The auditing is to confirm the continued suitability for registration, the standard of the installation work satisfies the requirements of the Building Standards and that certification is being undertaken to an adequate standard. Certification practice will be a key determining feature in setting the frequency of audits.

To apply, you will need to complete the appropriate scheme application forms.

Please note that you will need to submit documentary evidence of your qualifications for each scope of the scheme you wish to certify.

For more information contact:

Leslie Fox - SNIPEF Schemes Administration Manager: 0131 556 0600

Lesley O'Hara - Schemes Administrator: 0131 556 0600

Nikki Lonnie - SNIPEF Schemes Administrator: 0131 556 0600

Fiona Hodgson - Head of Certification: 0131 556 0600

A link to the SNIPEF scheme can be found here.