Certification of Design (Section 6 – Energy) in Non Domestic Buildings

BRE Scheme

BRE is a scheme provider for the Energy Certification of domestic and non-domestic (commercial) buildings in Scotland. These certification schemes are approved by Scottish Ministers to allow Approved Certifiers to prove that a building meets the energy standards and ensures new buildings are energy efficient with lower carbon emissions.

A building owner or developer may use a certificate of design to support an application for building warrant.

Individuals who want to join the scheme

Approved Certifiers of Design are qualified individuals allowed to certify the energy design of buildings in Scotland, and to issue certificates in support of applications to local authorities for Building Warrants and amendments to Warrants.

Individuals wishing to register as Approved Certifiers of Design (Section 6 - Energy) for Non Domestic Buildings need (as a minimum), to be qualified in the energy rolex replica design of buildings. Qualifications can be gained by attending a four day training course (this covers all ten parts of Section 6 of the Building Regulations). Individuals (already qualified in energy design) may be exempt from part of the training. For further details on training courses/requirements click here.

All applicants need to demonstrate competency by passing an examination. It is also a requirement that Certifiers are part of the design team throughout the lifespan of any project certified under this scheme.

A fee of £50 + VAT per Certifier is charged to join the scheme with an annual fee of £50 + VAT per year thereafter being due to retain membership. Please note, if joining as a Sole Practitioner the annual membership fee is £350 + VAT.

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