How to find an Approved Certifier

Certification Register

There are more than 1700 Approved Certifiers in Scotland and a comprehensive list is available online from the Scottish Government Building Standards Division website. This is the only authoritative list of all Approved Certifiers in Scotland and is updated weekly with information provided by Scheme Providers.

How to find an Approved Certifier

Details of all firms (known as Approved Bodies) offering a certification service by local authority area can be found on the Scottish Government Certification Register at By clicking on the relevant 'Find an Approved Body' link you select your local authority area and choose from a range of firms offering the design or construction service you require. Click on the company name and you will be provided with a contact telephone number to discuss your project requirements with the firm's certification co-ordinator. They will be able to advise you and appoint the most appropriate Approved Certifier to carry out the work.

Approved Certifier Registration Mark

To make it easier to identify tradesmen and building professionals who are members of a Government approved scheme an Approved Certifier Registration Mark has been developed. This identification can only be used by firms and individuals who are listed on the Certification Register.